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In Malaysia, most of the people choose to upgrade their concrete floor by installing floor tiles. But here comes a better option!

Stencil Shield is an acrylic base coating that applicable on the floor and wall. It is a product that imported from Australia. It is so unique that you can never ever find another product similar to Stencil Shield in Malaysia!

More choice of pattern than floor tiles

Have you wonder why all the floor tiles pattern is almost the same? Thinking that if you could have something more special? Stencil Shield provides plenty of patterns. You can choose your favorite pattern or customize your own pattern that unique enough to shock the neighborhoods!

A safety environment for house surrounding

STENCIL SHIELD is an anti slippery product. It generates a rough finish surface that prevent slippery. You can feel safe to walk on your walkway on your wet car porch concentrate on washing your car even with bubble and water all over the ground without worrying of falling.

For those who have old folks and children at home, Stencil Shield creates a safety environment surrounding your house.

Protect and prolonging the lifespan of your concrete floor

Sunlight and rain can rapidly shorten the lifespan of whatever has direct contact with. Concrete floor that always direct contact with water and sunlight is more vulnerable than you think. Without any protection, the concrete floor would crack and become crispy.

Stencil Shield is water resistant product that seal the concrete floor from water seeping and reflect heat.



No More Falling Down

Stencil can produce a
rough surface to provide
Slip Resistant

It might seem to be just
a little crack from the surface,
but it could be a big
hole inside already!