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Rainbow Roof Coating System

This is a complete package with our experienced roof technicians to repair and spray a 4 coats system on your
roof to extend the lifespan of your roof. This is Total Protection for all roofs which caters to Anti Fungus, Againts Rain Seepage, low dirt pickup, heat reflection and protect roof structures.

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Thermobond Heat Reflectant Coating

This is a water based coating that can be easily applied to the complete exterior of buildings.It keeps you cool
by reflecting solar infrared and visible rays that cause build up of heat in the house.

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Stencil Shield

This is an anti slippery product that produces a rough surface to prevent slipperyness. You can feel save to walk on the walkways on rainy days or even wash cars with ease even with bubbles and water all over the ground without the need to fear of falling.

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Building & houses needs waterproofing as concrete will not be waterproof on its own.

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