:: History Introduction ::

RAINBOW SHIELD SDN BHD (formerly known as RAINBOW ROOFGUARD (J) SDN BHD) was established in the year 1996.

Malaysia is a tropical country with all year round rain and hot humid weather. Due to its nature of environment and the general lack of proper and environmental protection, roof tiles, floors, walls, whether made of concrete, ceramic or steel, are subjected to severe wear and tear resulted from long term effects of sunlight, fungus and water seepage, thus causing buildings to age prematurely and look unsightly.

Imported from Australia, a pioneer in the environmental protection industry, our proven quality green environmental products are made with advanced technologies to provide extreme properties in water repellence and non- toxicicity.

With our years of service in the industry providing solutions to various environmental problems as mentioned above to residential housing, factories, temples, governmental buildings, etc, we are proud to have received valuable testimonials on our completed projects testifying to our commitment in enhancing our team work, stringent quality controls and most of all, serving our valuable customers.

In order to provide more diversified products in the related industry, Rainbow Shield has since imported other energy saving, anti heat/water seepage, anti slip coatings and also coatings for the protection of wooden products.

We are confident that with our long standing reputation in the industry, our coating systems will undoubtedly provide our customers a permanent solution in environmental protection.


Video on Roof Coating Process


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